Humanity is browsing in a parallel universe, we became doomed to parallel structures


My country…

I would like to give you some information about my country with the world’s most beautiful regions. Three sides can experience four seasons in Turkey is surrounded by seas. During the summer months in the Mediterranean and were faced with an influx of foreign tourists in the Aegean, the Black Sea is mainly visited by locals and Arab tourists. Istanbul itself is a wonderful is called the heart of the world. brief information I have given so far is already a reality in the world he knew. However, unfortunately my country is available in a very interesting subject.

Development created by Turkey in the last 13 years in my country and viability of the reform movement can never be rejected. Particularly reforms in health care and transportation has delighted our people. Belated highways, tunnels, bridges and metro connections with rising Thankfully pace of development of our country, but pretty sad development and the reduction of the construction of roads and construction of our civilization level.Domestic software issues, mainly the so-called “indigenous” misunderstanding of the concept of the interior of our country and reveals the state of pain. There is so much contradiction in my country that seems to tell tell just stop.

In my country, justice, health, deteriorated in a number of issues such as education and technology degrees scandal that occurred in the past and if we are ever to be an improvement compared with the period against so thank goodness our state with a people. So, as the development path taken some measures, such as math concepts and tunnel construction, in my country in areas such as physics and chemistry indicates that no arrangement, developed in the world.At least the internet and society have had the opportunity to develop themselves in the conscious brain, or who want to be informed.Currently I can not describe my problem in my country and now I try to explain Turkish English “parallel structure” called the trouble I will try to describe in a few sentences



Parallel structures in our country for decades nonsense that the little boy’s even a community claiming to be the basis of religion, which is a state that can be detected in the state resulting from the transformation of an organization struggling to seize the government and the state apparatus is the name given to the structure created by the people orders from people outside. In my definition, a community or formation, as well as a result of personal and conflict of interest, gains the law on behalf obtain, immoral, and especially justice, peace and the only reflection of the peace that the people using Islam although it is not at all suited to Islam but never using, playing with the feelings of their particular state structure made up of people who use such property is called parallel structures.


According to the agenda for a long time that I did in my own definition of this disgusting issue by summarizing briefly injustice in my country, I will try to relax in a strange way and my way of expressing my feelings in a foreign language. Ridiculous marriage on television, flirty, funny situations they find themselves in the name of making money by married couples and live music located martyrs news bottom of the screen during the broadcast of the damage it creates in the mind and this damage effect it creates on the public please deceived Turkey is this? Do not say please.

Yes, the number of those who exploit religion in my country and it exploits a lot, but especially science is the basis of the Islamic religion, art, morality, all the essence of humanity, justice, good and interested in useful work are very nice people.Obviously I in the near future, my country will give me the strength to believe in the information technology directed to itself . You Be the first to reflect country and my people you do not like nonsense, the diagnosis of drinking water and eating the food.

so… Humanity is browsing in a parallel universe, we became doomed to parallel structures

World peace, love and happiness to live …


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